Rules for participating in designer’s competition in the Etnomoda – IBEFF (International Baltic Ethnic Fashion Festival) – 2013

1. The Festival features design with ethnic motives which roots can be traced to various world cultures.
The idea of the Festival is to show the influence of world cultures on the modern life.

2. The Festival’s program includes the following:
– competition among designers of clothe and accessories
– exhibition of other design products (hand made accessories, crafts, photography arts etc.)
– seminars and workshops
– lectures
– parties and performances

3. The Festival’s dates is 16-17 November, 2013. The program is published and updated on

4. The participants who may apply can be individual designers, schools of fashion, groups of designers, boutiques, companies. The Festival is international and welcomes participants from different countries.

5. The application form shall include the following:
– name of the participant
– status of participant ( student, independent designer, company etc.)
– contact details
– country and city
– name and description of collection
– photos or sketches of collection (2-3)
– music track
The application shall be sent at

6. In case a participant presents his or her collection in a form of a catwalk, the Organizing Committee will make the models available, however, without preliminary casting . The models sizes and heght is standard. The participant has a right to involve models on his own, however it will not influence the size of payments for participation.

7. The collection shall include minimum 3, maximum 7 units. In case there are more units, the issue is to be discussed with Organizing Committee.

8. All the photos or video taken during the Festival by the Festival’s photographer shall be the property of Organizing Committee. Any usage of those photos is authorized only through the Committee’s expressed consent. The photos taken by the participants or guests shall have a reference to the Festival, when and if published.

9. The contact of the Organizing Committee :, + 7 (911) 903 1746, St. Petersburg, Russia.