2019 Honda Accord Crosstour

This car is a car with the best styling for you and is expected to change the appearance or basic design and performances specification for model year 2019 even if Honda can decide the right time to add 4-cylinder version to the carryover cost-conscious V-6 model 2019 Honda Accord Crosstour. If not, this will be true remains station-wagon version of the Accord sedan arrogant until the status of crossover-SUV through a hatchback body is more high-rises and available all-wheel drive (AWD).

According to information we received, this car will be released in late 2018 with prices ranging from $ 32,000 – $ 39,000. Estimated price for the 2019 Honda Accord EX Crosstour is $ 32,000, $ 35,000 for 2019 Honda Accord EX-L Crosstour with front-wheel drive and $ 36.500 with AWD. And estimated for the 2019 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L with Crosstour navigation with AWD at $ 38.700 and $ 37.200 with front-wheel drive.

Body Style

2019 Honda Accord Crosstour expected to return as a five passenger, four-door hatchback with a roof line that inspired Fastback coupe. Crosstour cabin and exterior design cues will continue to show their DNA Accord sedan. So will underbody structure basis and that this, like an integrated car-body-and-frame “unibody” engineering eligible Crosstour as a crossover.

2019 Honda Accord Crosstour

Crosstour’s wheelbase is nearly identical to the Accord sedan but wider body and longer and almost 8 inches taller. Honda could try to broaden the appeal lineup Crosstour 2019 by adding the four models. This can slot in as the new entry-level trim the lower levels carry EX edition. Or it could be slipped under the two top-line model, the EX-L and EX-L with navigation. Only the exterior styling differences between the EX and EX-L model so far has 18-inch alloy wheels for the EX-Ls versus clearer to search for EX-17s.

Performances Specifications

2019 Honda Accord Crosstour will return with engine for the Accord, a 3.5-liter V-6 will remain at 271 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque. This smooth-running, fully capable V-6 equipped with Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management that automatically turn off two or three cylinders to save fuel in low-demand driving. Honda has been slow to make the transition to a six-speed automatic pistol, but one put in 2019 Honda Accord Crosstour will help it feel more contemporary in the showroom and on the road. Crosstour is some 300 pounds heavier than the V-6 Accord sedan (500 pounds more weight in the form of AWD).


2019 Honda Accord Crosstour will be equipped with heated front seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth phones, USB interface iPod, and cargo cover. Leather upholstery and a navigation system also has an exclusive to the EX-L model. Even if you do not distribute with the formation of extended features, the Honda should be explored to add to the list of 2019 Crosstour upscale items such as double-pane panoramic sunroof. read also: 2019 Honda Fit Reviews

And every 2019 Honda Accord Crosstour expected to continue with standard features in tune with the aspirations of this class of this crossover. Power front seats, power moonroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, an additional iPod jack, heated mirrors, and manual tilt / telescope steering wheel with audio and cruise buttons have been standard from the beginning Crosstour’s.

2019 Honda Accord Competitors Crosstour

With a variety of changes to the specification, performaces, as well as features such as those described above are expected later Crosstour 2019 Honda Accord could compete with its competitors in the market such as the 2019 Toyota Venza, 2019 Nissan Murano, and Subaru Outback.